Sister Studio Posters

Posters and postcards created with feminist design collective, Sister Studio.

This project consisted of a simple design brief: Create a series of posters based on the four natural elements- earth, air, fire, water. These posters were inspired by the research i conducted based on this theme:

Water: The Tamed Shark
This collage appropriates images taken from a vintage pin-up card titled, Le Requin Apprivoisé, which depicts a woman as a shark being lured by an engagement ring on the end of a fishing line. Icons of both danger and allure, reminiscent of the sirens of Greek mythology, juxtapose the metaphor of the “tamed shark” or “tamed woman.”

Fire: Fire Horse
This collage details the dramatic birthrate decline in Japan in 1966. It was attributed to the superstitious belief that girls born during the Year of the Fire Horse would be unlucky in love and too independent, reckless, even dangerous for marriage. Parents avoided having children under this zodiac sign for fear of discrimination throughout their daughter’s lives.

Air: Fly the Unfriendly Skies
It is estimated that only 5% of commercial airline pilots are women, and they are often held to unnecessary body image standards that their male colleagues never face. Content for this collage was collected from an actual attire and etiquette book, The Lady Pilot’s Grooming Guidelines.

Earth: USDA Beauty Standards
According a USDA report, Americans discarded 25 billion pounds of produce in 2010 because fruits and vegetables that did not meet the USDA’s aesthetic standards were not sold at market. The grading system is not on based flavor or nutritional value, but purely on looks: sizing, proportion and duration of ripeness.

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